I was born and brought up in the State of West Bengal, one of the eastern states of India. I did my schooling from RamaKrishna Mission, and later St. Xaviers College. Went to IIT Guwahati to do my bachelors in Computer Science & Eng. as part of the first batch of students.

   After graduating from IIT-G, I went to work at a small start-up, named Rimo Technologies at Pune. After working for about an year, I came to the Silicon Valley, to the US counterpart of Rimo, Switch-On Networks. It was just before the Dot Com burst.

   Soon after coming to The USA, I got married to my High School sweetheart. We live in the Heart of Silicon Valley.

Samya at Tahoe

My main pastime is working with computers, net surfing, reading storybooks and traveling.

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