WAP Links

Links to different WAP sites


1. AOL IM (Instant text messaging for your phone. Send text messages to all your AIM buddies.) - http://wimd.aol.com/?service=tmobile
2. Kodak Mobile (Kodak Mobile helps you stay connected with photos -- anytime, anywhere. Save your photos online at Kodak Mobile and share them with friends and family.) - http://mobile.ofoto.com/
3. Mopilot Mobile - (Mopilot Mobile helps you facilitating and organizing the mobile use of your personal data as well as global information retrieval.) - http://mopilot.com/wml/
4. OlaPeople (OlaPeople.com covers movies, night clubs, restaurants, classifieds, and other info in
Winnipeg, MB, Canada.) - http://www.olapeople.com
5. OnClick Mobile (OnClick Mobile offers Wireless Teleconferencing, Wireless Fax, News, Sports, and more.) - http://www.onclick.com/main.wml
6. PocketThis (PocketThis allows you to capture information you see on your computer and have show up on your phone.) -
7. Search Europe Mobile (Search Europe Mobile offers European WAP Portal, News, Weather and much more.) -
8. UPOC (Upoc is one of the leading wireless online chatting forums around. Create your own chat groups or plug into one of
their many channels of chat.) - http://upoc.com/wap/


1. Bacon2Go.com (Bacon2Go.com offers stuff in Picture, Joke, Trivia and much more.) - http://www.ilovebacon.com/bacon2go/
2. Black Jack (Black Jack offers the casino style card game through your handset.) - http://argoth.mine.nu/games/blackjack/lobby.php
3. Blockbuster - UK (Blockbuster UK provides Rental Charts, News and Gossip, Search, and more.) -
4. Buzz Wireless Music Info (Music information and news including an event guide.) - http://www.buzzwireless.com/
5. Click the City (Click The City offers Movie Guide, TV Guide, Show and Events, Yellow and White Pages, Today in History and more.) - http://wap.clickthecity.com/
6. Dream Symbols (Interpret your dreams by analyzing the contents of them.) -
7. Esato.com (Easto.com provides Mobile News, WAP/WML Discussion Forums and more.) - http://wap.esato.com/wap/
8. Flower Language (Aspiro Premier Partner site.) -
9. Four Jokers (Four Jokers offers links to different joke sites.) - http://www.fourjokers.co.uk/wap/
10. FunCaster (A collection of services; Games, Cartoons, Send Picture greetings) - http://www.FunCaster.com
11. GainesvilleBands.com (Show information for music playing in the Gainesville Florida area.) - http://www.gainesvillebands.com
12. Handygo (Handygo.com provides Entertainment, Travel, Transportation, and other information for cities in India.) -
13. HelloMoto (Your place for products, music and games and more on Motorola Phones.) - http://www.handango.com/HelloMoto/CountryChoice.jsp
14. iTouch (iTouch Australia covers Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fun, Sports, Shopping, Reference, Travel, and more.) -
15. John Keats Poetry (Poetry available on your phone. Many of the well know poets of our time are available on this site.) -
16. LeoFun Movies (Welcome to Leofun's Movie List and Image library of color backgrounds and screensavers for any color
phone. Designed to help you keep track of your movies, at your fingertips, you can track titles, cast and crew and even favorite characters. Make your list on www.leofun.com/m on the internet or on your phone where you can search and update your
lists on the fly.) - http://www.leofun.com/m/index.asp
17. Lifestylers (In this game, you adopt a Lifestyler and guide it through HollyLand. Meeting people, forming relationships
and growing your character through it's life.) - http://wap2.picofun.com/ls/ac_p/mai...mp;portalid=123
18. LocalBand.net (Information on local bands from the area of your choice. Get info on all types of bands including how to get in contact with them and when their next show is going to be. A great resource for checking into the local music scene.) - http://www.localband.net/wml
19. Love Horoscope (Find out if romance is in the future for you.) -
20. Madisc (A list of the 20 most popular requested artists from the online CD shops.) - http://www.wapdrive.com/madisc/
21. Moviefone (Find movies that are playing near you. Find movie theaters or search for a specific movie) -
22. Mysterynet (Solve mystery riddles on your phone. Start with a mystery situation. You can get 4 clues to help you solve
the riddle.) - http://wap.mysterynet.com
23. Now Playing (Hear a great song on the radio and SAY YES.) - http://wap.yes.net/
24. Personality Test (Figure out your personality type by taking this fun and informative test on your phone.) -
25. Pick-up Lines (Very amusing pick lines for your next night out.) -
26. Pocket Box Office (Pocket Box Office is your portal to the ultimate in mobile entertainment. Choose from a wide variety
of innovative games, brain teasers, jokes and much more. A must see for fresh entertainment on your phone.) - http://www.pktbo.com
27. Sony Ericsson (Sony Ericsson offers the Mobile Fun, Sony Ericsson Info, Games, Tools and more.) -
28. Sony Style Club (Welcome to the Sony Style Club! A chance to explore the amazing possibilities of Sony Connectivity.) -
29. T.G.I. Fridays (We'll help you find the closest Friday's location, surf through our menu and let you know about current special offers.) - http://www.fridays.com
30. The Funniest (The Funniest To Go offers jokes, stories, and other humorous tidbits.) - http://www.thefunniest.com
31. TV Guide (TV Guide.com Wireless allows you to view television program listings, TV picks, Insider info, and read Entertainment Articles.) - http://wireless.tvguide.com
32. UseEverything.com Mobile (UseEverything.com Mobile provides you with adventure games for your mobile phone.) -
33. Virgin Radio Mobile (Virgin Radio Mobile in London offers radio information on Album Chart, Playlist, Last Ten Artists, Program Schedule and more.) - http://wap.virginradio.com/
34. WAP Night Guide (A Guide to the Night Clubs in Metro Areas.) - http://wapnightguide.com/
35. WapCards.com (A special greeting cards web site for WAP, accessible from a PC, mobile phone or any wireless device
browser.) - http://www.wapcardz.com/a.php3
36. Wappy Buzzland (WAP jokes and entertainment. Jokes are split into convenient categories and the site is fairly easy to
navigate. You will have to judge how good the jokes are. Categories like: Bill CLinton, Blonds, Bar jokes and more.) -
37. Warner Music (Warner Music provides you with instant access to the latest music clips, artist info, tour date, ringtones, and ca deals and more.) - http://wireless.wmg.com/
38. What's On When (Loads of ideas of what to do wherever you are. Worldwide events guide. Search for events by country.) -

1. Ameritrade Mobile (Through Ameritrade Mobile, you can place trades, view your balance and positions, get real-time quotes,
and connect instantly to an Ameritrade rep.) - http://www.amtdw.com
2. Bombay Stock Exchange Mobile (Bombay Stock Exchange Mobile offers Indices, Stock Research, Toppers/Losers, Graphs, etc.) - http://wap.bseindia.com/
3. BOOM (BOOM provides Stock Quotes, Stock Charts, World Indices, Top Stocks, Market News, Forex Trades, and more.) - http://wap.boom.com/
4. Charles Schwab (The mobile WAP site for Charles Schwab the investment company.) - http://pb.schwab.com
5. CSFB Australia (Welcome to CSFB Australia's WAP site.) - http://www.csfb.com.au/resdb/wap
6. E*Trade (View your favorite stocks, trade, keep a portfolio and research markets and companies all from your phone.) -
7. E-Street Mobile (e-street.com - Helps in finding shopping, eating, drinking, and emergency information in London.) -
8. eSignal (eSignal provides real-time streaming market data and decision support tools.) - http://unwired.dbc.com
9. Financial Times (Incredible financial worldwide site. Information, Quotes, alerts, market pulses, news and much more.) - http://wap.ft.com
10. Harris Direct Mobile (Harris Direct Mobile provides direct investors a board range of investment options with an award-winning trading platform.) - http://wireless.harrisdirect.com
11. Interactive Investor (Financial news and information.) - http://mobile.iii.co.uk
12. London Stock Exchange (London market news and stock information.) - http://wap.priceinhand.com
13. OandA Currency Converter (Currency converter for several worldwide currencies.) - http://www.oanda.com/converter/classic?user=nokiacc
14. TD Waterhouse (TD Waterhouse offers free unlimited delayed stock quotes, news, charts, and market updates.) - http://www.wtdw.com
15. Wall Street Journal (The Wall Street Journal on your phone. Great way to browse the latest in the financial world from the world news leader.) - http://wap.wsj.com/
16. XE Currency Converter (A great way to keep up on the current state of the world's currencies. Get quick quotes of how the currencies are standing or do quick conversions.) - http://www.xe.com/wap/index.wml

Find It:

1. Air France Cargo (It tracks Air France Cargo.) - http://www.traxon.com/wap/wapafr.wml
2. Canada 411 Mobile (Canada 411 provides search engines in Business, People and Category for metropolitan areas in Canada.) - http://sw-wml.sl.ca/cgi-bin/wml/canada411.cgi
3. Concord Coach (Boston Limo and Shuttle Services for Weddings, Night Out, Tourism, Airport and Corporate.) -
4. DHL Worldwide Delivery (DHL delivery service. Track your DHL packages from your phone or get locations and helpful phone
numbers for sending and receiving packages worldwide.) http://www.dhl.com
5. Digital City (Find things to do in your city. Choose from dining, live music, movies and visitor guides. Great for finding what to do when travelling to a new city.) - http://voicestreamsvc.digitalcity.com
6. Dining Guide (Dining Guide offers a mobile restaurant guide in different selected metro areas in US, Europe and Mexico.) -
7. EQ Wireless (With EQ Wireless, you can find the information you are looking for through your cell phone or portable device.) - http://www.glasspider.com/eqwireless/index.wml
8. FAST Search Mobile (Search the entire web with FAST Search, the fastest search engine.) - http://mobile.alltheweb.com/
9. FedEx Mobile (The FedEx mobile site provides you with tracking info and locations for drop-offs.) - http://mobile.fedex.com
10. FedEx Mobile Asia (FedEx Mobile - Asia includes Package Tracking, Drop-off Locator, Customer News and more.) -
11. Google (Search the entire web with Google's search. The application can view any Webpage by converting it from HTML to
wireless markup language to view on your phone.) - http://www.google.com/wml
12. Government of Canada Wireless Portal (The Government of Canada Wireless Portal is your quick and easy single point of
access to selected government information and services on the go.) - http://www.gc.ca/
13. iWindsurf Mobile (Looking for wind info? try iWindsurf Mobile... Get real-time wind info and forecasts on your web-enabled cellphone or PDA. That's right, use your cellphone to get wind info and forecasts...wherever, whenever you want.) - http://wap.iwindsurf.com/
14. Londoners.net (Free email for all Londoners, shopping galore, plus lots of links to London sites.) - http://wap.londoners.net/
15. MapQuest (Get directions, locate a business or check on traffic with this very helpful site) - http://wireless.mapquest.com/vs/
16. Mobile Motion (This service is awesome! Aiming to be your wireless transportation and recreation guide, this directory is
divided into four main categories: ground, water, air and miscellaneous. Find bike rentals to horseback riding.) -
17. Mobile Zone (Mobile Zone Forums, Tips and Tricks, Logos and more.) - http://twilightwap.com/mobile/mobile.asp
18. MyBus Mobile (MyBus Mobile provides Seattle, Washington travelers with real-time transit information.) -
19. PDA Paddy (A wireless directory of traditional Irish and Celtic music sessions in and around Philadelphia.) -
20. TeeMaster.com (TeeMaster.com helps users to find golf courses or book a tee time. ) - http://teemaster.com
21. TNT Express (Track your TNT packages.) - http://wap.tanger.cz/ewtnt_e.wml
22. UPS (Wireless package tracking from UPS.) - http://mobile.ups.com
23. USDiner.com (Find restaurants from accross the US. Very quick and easy. Search by city or zip code then narrow your
search by selecting a cuisine type or viewing all.) - http://www.usdiners.com/wap/index.wml
24. Wireless Taxi USA OnPick (No matter where you are, Wireless Taxi offers the Call-a-Cab services through the WAP.) -
25. Zagat (Find restaurants and reviews in your area.) - http://mobile.zagat.com


1. Atomic Dove (AtomicDove is an unrelenting multi-player game of galactic conquest and diplomatic intrigue. AtomicDove players compete to form clans, build empires, and strategize their ascent to the top of the galactic rankings. Your task is to orchestrate the growth of your empire while fending off attacks from other players. The game provides user interaction that simulates not only the hardcore action, but also the social, political, and economic implications of clan warfare. What kind of leader will you be? How will you build your empire? Military prowess? Skilled diplomacy? Will your citizens approve of your tactics? But beware. Both friend and foe will be striving to reach the top. Play Atomic Dove today to discover why it has become one of the most popular wireless game in the world.) - http://tmobile.airg.ca
2. Eternal Hero (Eternal Hero is an exciting multi-player role-playing game. You are the champion, fighting your way through
fantasy landscapes to save your kingdom from eternal damnation. Wear the armour. Wield the sword. Test your limits. Be… the Eternal Hero.) - http://www.pktbo.com/index.cfm?carr...8&cnl=40016
3. FoneFish (A very simple fishing game where you pick your bait and when to hook to fish when you get a bite.) -
4. GridBloc (The GridBloc Game is an addictive, networked multi-player, turn-based, strategy game that will require you to match wits with your opponent.) - http://www.gridbloc.com
5. Little Screen (A role playing adventure game where you decide your characters path.) - http://wap.littlescreen.co.uk
6. Love Game (The Love Game allows you to find romance and friendship under the disguise of WAP personality you create. Once you create your personality by answering some questions, you can begin to search for that perfect mate.) -
7. Quiz U Trivia (Multiple categories of trivia including Sports and Leisure, Food and Drink, Entertainment, Geography and many others.) - http://www.quizu.co.uk/wap.asp
8. Riddles (Great visual riddles that will rack your brain.) - http://mGo.To/Riddles
9. Stick Wits Game (A strategy game where you try to out wit your opponents guesses. The object is to not be the last person
to take the last matchstick. Fairly addictive game.) - http://www.obmdev.co.uk/open/matches
10. Wap Casino (Casino style games on your phone.) - http://casino.wap.at/
11. Who Am I? (Can your mobile phone read your mind? We say it can, when you play Who Am I? The premise is surrealistically twisted and diabolically clever. Start the game. Think of any sitcom character, major or minor -- anyone from Gilligan to Edith Bunker to Gary from Gary's Old Town Tavern. OR, think of an odious dictator from any country and any time period, anyone from Emperor Nero to Josef Stalin to Enver Hoxha. (Who?) Your phone will parry and probe for clues to help it read your mind. Your job is to stump it. ) - http://www.pktbo.com/index.cfm?carr...8&cnl=40039
12. Wirelessgames (WirelessGames.com Premier Partner site.) -

News & Sports:

1. 7am Global News (7am is a global news service dedicated to providing to most up-to-date news around the world. You can
choose from Global News, USA News, Sports News, Business News, Politics and much more.) - http://wap.7am.com
2. ABC News (ABC News is a great source for US and world news. Get the latest Top News, US News, World News, Politics, Money
News, Sci/Tech, Movies, and Health.) - http://mobile.go.com/abcnews?carrier=tmobile
3. Ananova (Get the latest European News, Sports, Scores, Entertainment, TV Guide, and world weather.) -
4. BBC UK (BBC covers latest News, Sports, Travel, TV, Local Information, and more.) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile
5. Boston Globe Mobile (Boston Globe Mobile includes headlines, feature sections, and a restaurant guide.) -
6. CBS MarketWatch Mobile (CBS MarketWatch Mobile covers latest News, Quotes, Favorites, and more.) -
7. CBS SportsLine (CBS Sports Line provides latest Scores, Top Stories, Fantasy, NCAA Hoops, NBA, NHL, MLB, Tennis, Golf, Auto Racing, WNBA and more.) - http://wap.sportsline.com
8. CK Mobile (CKMobile offers NASCAR Info.) - http://www.ckmobile.com/nascar/home.wml
9. Club Nokia (The Club Nokia features a wide variety of services, special offers and information tailored to your individual needs.) - http://mobile.club.nokia.com/
10. CNET (Technology news and info. Very informative. Great content if you want to keep up on the tech industry) -
11. CNN News (One of the news leaders from around the world. Get timely news information ranging from top stories around the
world to sports and weather.) - http://MOBILE.CNN.COM/WAP1.1/NEWS/en/index.wml
12. College Rivals (Get sporting information on colleges from around the country. Get scores and news organized by college
and sport.) - http://wireless.rivals.com
13. Cricinfo (CricInfo is the site for anyone who has an interest in the cricket game. It covers the major matches news and live scores info.) - http://mobile.cricinfo.com/
14. Direct Mail Marketing News (Access the latest direct mail marketing news.) - http://www.mailcci.com/WAP
15. eGolfScore (Log in and keep your golf scores and handicap at hand. Go to the web front end to sign up on.) -
16. EnjoyTheMusic.com (High-end Hi-Fi audio news, reviews, tweaks, and information for music lovers and audiophiles
worldwide.) - http://tagtag.com/sites/e/t/m/etm/0.php3
17. ESPN 2 Minute Drill (Think you are sports smart? Compete with others across the nation in this addictive sports trivia game. Each week there is a new set of questions that will surely keep you thinking.) - http://proxy.espn.go.com/wireless/g...a/wml/frontpage
18. ESPN News (Top news coverage from the sports news leaders at ESPN) - http://wap.espn.go.com/
19. EuroSport.com (Eurosport covers news and scores from Football to Tennis, to Motorsports to Cycling, and more.) -
20. Football365 (Wap site for Football 365 about English Soccer teams. This european website offers the latest news, results,
fixtures, live scores, club news, match reports and previews, laughs and competitions.) - http://wap.football365.com/
21. Globe and Mall (Includes Headlines, Business, Sports, Technology, and Golf News.) - http://mobile.globeandmail.com/
22. GTWAP (Find the latest news on Formula One, Event Diary, Championships, Sports and GT, and more.) -
23. Honda Tech (Find the latest News, Technical Forums, Market Place and more from Honda Technology.) - http://www.honda-tech.com/
24. IBM Wireless (IBM Wireless offers Contact Information, Employee Directory, Order Status, IBM Stock Price, News, and Preee Release and more.) - http://wireless.ibm.com/
25. Katrillion (Katrillion covers breaking news you care about, plus sports, fashion, games, gossip and scopes. And you can use CityConnect to get info on concerts and stuff in your town.) - http://www.katrillion.com/mobile/wml/index.wml
26. Komo TV News (Komo TV station wap site. news, weather and sports for Washington state.) - http://wap.komotv.com
27. MP3 Charts Mobile (MP3 Charts Mobile offers the latest MP3 News.) - http://www.mp3charts.com/wap/index.wml
28. MP3.com (Find where and when live music and concerts are playing around the world.) - http://wap.mp3.com
29. MySnowReport (MySnowReport is the ultimate site to see what the conditions are like at your favorite ski area. You can
even sign up for alerts to be sent to you about changing conditions.) - http://mysnowreport.mobliss.com
30. NBA (NBA covers News Headlines, Schedules, Box Scores and Stat Leaders.) - http://wap.nba.com/
31. New York Times (The New York Times wireless site gives you shorten news stories about what is going on in the world. To
read the entire story, you may go to their website on your computer.) - http://wap.nytimes.com
32. New Zealand Herald (NZ Herald Online covers Latest NZ News, Latest World News, Business, Sport News, Entertainment,
Technology, NZ Weather and more.) - http://wap.nzherald.co.nz/
33. NFL Mobile (NFL.com Mobile covers the latest NFL News, Scores, Fantasy, Stats, Rosters, and Standings and more.
) - http://www.nfl.com
34. O2 (O2 UK covers What's New, News, Email, Chat, Go Out - Stay In, Sport, Games and Tones and more.) - http://wap.o2.co.uk/
35. PGA European Tour Mobile (The official WAP site of the PGA European Tour. Keep in touch with the latest European Tour
scores and get up to the minute tour ranking results while you are on the move.) - http://wap.europeantour.com
36. PGA Tour MobileLink (PGA Tour MobileLink covers Scoring, Players, TOUR News, Tee Times, Schedules, TOUR Rankings, and
more.) - http://pgatour.air2web.com/pgatour/deck/index.jsp
37. Real Cities (Local news, weather and sports from major cities accross the US.) - http://mobile.realcities.com
38. Seattle Post Intelligencer (Newspaper on your Phone, local and national news, sports weather, everything you find in the
paper) - http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/wireless/
39. Sky.com (Sky.com offers News, Football, Sports, TV Guide, Lottery, Sky Sports Pubs and more.) - http://mobile.sky.com
40. Sign On San Diego (SOSD offers local news, sports and business stories from The San Diego Union-Tribune, national and
regional news, weather and traffic, plus a dining guide and event listings.) - http://go.sosd.com
41. SportsFeed.com (SportsFeed.com covers Scores, Odds, News, and more.) - http://www.sportsfeed.com/welcome.wml
42. Surfline (Surfline Wireless offers the latest surf info around the coasts and Hawaii and more.) - http://www.surfline.com/wml/surfline.cfm
43. US Weather Info (Weather information for the United States and Canada from WeatherOnline.) - http://wap.weatheronline.co.uk/wap/...thamerica#www-2
44. USA Today (News, sports, money, life, tech info and weather from USA Today, one of the top US news providers.) - http://wap.usatoday.com
45. WAP WWF (WAP WWF provides results for WWF Raw is War, Sunday Night Heat, Smackdown, and more.) - http://sport.wapjag.com/wapwwf
46. World Soccer (Soccer news, scores and information from around the globe including World Cup action.) - http://wap.rete.it
47. ZDNet UK (UK - ZDNet offers the latest tech headlines and news.) - http://www.zdnet.co.uk/wap/


1. AirCharge (Process credit card transactions on your Internet enabled cell phone. Get instant transaction approvals, voids,
and returns. ) - http://www.aircharge.net
2. AOL Mobile (America Online's mobile portal where you can check your mail, get news and information, finance, shop and much more.) - http://vstr.aol.com/
3. Canada.com Network (Canada.com Wireless covers Top Stories, News, Finance, Sports, Entertainment, Utilities, and more for most major cities in Canada.) - http://wireless.canada.com/
4. go2 Online Mobile (Go to go2 mobile portals.) - http://wap.go2online.com/wap/wmlother/
5. i200x (Directory of UK links relating to news, sport, weather, travel, entertainment, shopping, jobs, plus lots more! Also
includes a directory of guides to most major UK cities.) - http://i2001.co.uk/
6. IRL WAP (IRL WAP - Irish independent multilingual guide to all things.) - http://user.domaindlx.com/imode/irlwap/i.wml
7. MOBwiZ (Mobile wizdom from the mobile crowd.) - http://www.mobwize.com/mobw.wml
8. MSN Mobile (Go to MSN mobile portals.) - http://mobile.msn.com/
9. MSN Mobile UK (MSN Mobile UK offers News, MSN Weather, Entertainment, Travel, Sports and more.) - http://wap.msn.co.uk/
10. NW Portal (Free WAP home page, email, and sms) - http://www.nwportal.com
11. Orange Packet (Orange Packet lets you send what you want to your mobile phone with just one click.) - http://www.orangepocket.com/wml/top.asp
12. Yahoo Worldwide (Go to worldwide Yahoo WAP portals) - http://wap.yahoo.com/


1. 4WAP.com (This site gives you useful information about about your WAP browser including HTTP headers and more.) - http://wap4.com/wml/
2. AllRecipes.com Mobile (Welcome to Allrecipes.com. You can view our handpicked recipes of the day or view recipes by category.) - http://phone.allrecipes.com
3. Cupitt Aviation Mobile Weather (Forcasts and weather conditions for pilots for the entire US.) - http://wap.cupitt.com/
4. Dictionary.com (A great mobile dictionary. This site also has a handy translation tool of common phrases you may need while traveling.) - http://www.dictionary.com/wml
5. Dr. Foot (Answers to all your painful foot complaints. Dr. foot will ensure that your feet are kept healthy and pain free.) - http://www.drfoot.co.uk/wap/index.wml
6. DW Simpson Actuary Jobs Search (DW Simpson Actuary Jobs included Job Search, Life, Health and Pension, and Salary Surveys
and more.) - http://www.wirelessactuary.com/
7. From Language to Language (Multilingual translation dictionary) - http://wap.langtolang.com
8. German/English Translations (This site translates German words and phrases to English and vice versa.) - http://wap.linguatec.de/
9. Guru Books (Guru books are short to the point information books. On this site you can learn a foreign language, learn to
play the guitar, study foreign lands and much more.) - http://www.gurubooks.com/wap/menu.wml
10. Led Zeppelin Mobile (The history about the legendary rock group.) - http://tagtag.com/sites/z/o/s/zoso/0.php3
11. Museum.com (Search or browse museums from around the world.) - http://wap.museum.com
12. myPNA (myPNA provide driving directions and yellow pages services across the US.) - http://www.myPNA.com
13. NextBus (NextBus will tell you when the next bus is going to stop at the bus stop you are at. Currently NextBus has only
limited cities to choose from, but they are constantly adding to their list, so check back if your city isn't listed.) - http://www.nextbus.com
14. Pocket Doctor Mobile (Pocket Doctor Mobile has been designed to give you greatest access to health services and medical information.) - http://wap.pocketdoctor.co.uk/
15. Recipe Center (Over 100,000 recipes to choose from. Also play food trivia.) - http://wap.recipecenter.com
16. Shakespeare (Complete Works of William Shakespeare.) - http://wap.tobeornottobe.com
17. Top Jobs (Top Jobs includes Job Search, Company Search, Agency Search, Worldwide Jobs, and more.) - http://wap.topjobs.co.uk/
18. Wireless Classifieds - OnPick (Wireless Classifieds includes Ad Search, and Post New! Ads.) - http://www.onPick.com/cgi-bin/class...sifiedsWML2.cgi
19. World English Bible (The entire Bible on your phone. Search for any verse and view the Psalm of the day.) - http://wap.mobible.org/0/menu.wml


1. amazon.com (Shop, browse and buy using your existing amazon.com account to make purchasing simple and fast.) - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/r.../home/home.html
2. Bookbrain UK Mobile (You've found BookBrain.co.uk, the smartest way to buy books on the web. We don't sell books though. We provide the most accurate and comprehensive price search of UK online bookshops on the web, currently searching 14 sites.) - http://www.bookbrain.co.uk/bbwap/wmenu.asp
3. Country Book Shop (Country Book Shop offers instant access to search the database of 1 million books by book title, author or ISBN.) - http://wap.countrybookshop.co.uk/
4. Edmunds2Go (Automobile pricing and info for new and used vehicles. Very handy when searching for a new car or truck.) - http://wap.edmunds.com
5. FTD (Flowers and gifts from FTD. Choose a product and then get connect to an operator to buy and have the item delivered.)
- http://www.ftdwireless.com
6. HomeSeekers Mobile (HomeSeekers Mobile helps you to find a Property and an Agent.) - http://www.homeseekers.com/mobile/index.asp
7. mySimon Search (mySimon Search helps users to compare prices on a range of products.) - http://wap.mysimon.com
8. PayPal (PayPal is an easy way to make payments to people using the internet. You must sign up for a paypal account. The
person you are making the transaction with must also have a PayPal account. Once signed up you can make credit card payments to people online.) - http://www.paypal.com
9. Price Grabber (Price guide for computers, software, electronics, games, movies, and music products.) - http://www.atpgw.com
10. SailBoats4Sale.com Mobile (SailBoats4Sale.com Mobile offers boat listings.) - http://www.sb4s.com
11. Volvo Mobile (Volvo Mobile uses a ZIP code to find the three Volvo retailers nearest you.) - http://demo.windcaster.com/volvo/


1. 10Best.com: City Guides (Check out some of the best sites to see in at top US cities.) - http://wap.10best.com/
2. Air Canada (The Air Canada wireless channel offers you important travel information on flight status, Timetable, Aeroplan
Account Balance, and more while you travel.) - http://mobile.aircanada.ca/
3. Airline Numbers (This is basically a phone book for all the major US airlines. You can get phone numbers to the reservations desk, Departure/Arrival hotline and Cargo desk for updates on where your lost luggage is.) - http://tagtag.com/patzig
4. Alaska Airlines (Alaska Airlines flight and schedule information.) - http://wireless.alaskaair.com
5. America West Airlines (America West Airlines offers info in Flight Status and Flight Schedules.) - http://www.awtimetable.com
6. American Airlines (Get arrival and departure information for American Airlines flights.) - http://www.aatimetable.com
7. Austrian Airlines (Austrian Airlines WAP Center offers Flight Planner, and information in Time Table, Flight Status, Booking via Call Center, All about Austria, Hotel Reservation, and more.) - http://wap.aua.com/
8. Bay Area Guide (Bay Area Guide - sightseeing, Parks, Golf Courses, and other recreational sites in the California region.)
- http://www.top321.com/wap/bayarea.wml
9. Bellagio Mobile (Bellagio Mobile offers information on Accommodations, Attractions, Dining, Entertainment, SPA, Salon, and Weddings and more in Las Vegas.) - http://mobile.bellagio.com/
10. Best Western Hotel Mobile (Best Western Hotel Mobile includes Hotel Search, Gold Crown Club, and more.) - http://www.bestwestern.com/
11. BPG Mobile (The Budapest Pocket Guide (BPG) is pocket size guide with essential information for business people and tourists visiting Hungary) - http://wap.budpocketguide.com/home.wml
12. British Airways (British Airway offers real time flight arrival and departure information, checks the seat availability on the flight you want, gets information on the location of dedicated desks or Self-Service Check-in machines where boarding cards can be collected.) - http://wap.britishairways.com/
13. CitiWiz (CitiWiz covers information in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars/Clubs, Car Rental. Shopping, Airlines, and Events and more for most major cities around the world.) - http://wap.citiwiz.com/
14. Continental Airlines (Wireless information on Continental Airlines flights, schedules and information.) - http://wap.continental.com
15. Curry Pages (U.K. premier Indian Restaurant Guide, which allowing users to locate curry houses and read reviews.) - http://wap.currypages.com
16. Delta Airlines (Flight schedules, availability, itineraries and help phone numbers for Delta Airlines.) - http://mobile.delta.com/
17. Dollar Rent A Car Mobile (Check Dollar Rent A Car Rates and Reservations, View Reservations, Modify a Reservations, Cancel a Reservations, and Travel Agent Login and more.) - http://mobile.dollar.com
18. Eurobeaches (Eurobeaches lists UK beaches that have received the Blue Flag.) - http://www.eurobeaches.com/wap
19. Finnair (Finnair offers info on schedules, arrival and departures, Finnair plus services, lounge facilities, and mutliFLYe and more.) - http://www.finnair.fi/wap/index.wml
20. Flight Lookup (Flight Lookup searches flights by Departure and Arrival Cities, Date and Time for most major Airlines in North America.) - http://www.flightlookup.com/
21. Fourth Ring (Includes local guides, news, and information tools.) - http://www.fourthring.com
22. Golden Nugget Mobile (Golden Nugget Mobile offers information on Accommodations, Attractions, Dining, Entertainment, SPA, Salon, and Weddings and more in Las Vegas.) - http://mobile.goldennugget.com/
23. Hotelcatalogue (Guide and listings to hotels worldwide.) - http://wap.hotelcatalogue.net
24. Hotelguide.com (Get guides and listings to hotels worldwide.) - http://wap.hotelguide.com/
25. Instant Relief - UK (Instant Relief offers a guide to public toilets in London Underground Stations.) - http://www.nykris.com/wap/
26. ISTRA - The Mediterranean Holiday Resort (ISTRA offers an incredible listing of Accommodations, Activities, Sea Quality
and more on the coastal region of Croatia.) - http://www.istra.com/wap/
27. Kanaka.com Mobile (Kanaka.com Mobile is the Wireless Gateway to The San Juan Islands, WA. Info covers from Accommodations to Whale Watching.) - http://kanaka.com/wap/index.wml
28. Last Minute Mobile (Looking for lastminute deals? Check out Lastminute.com for deals on Hotel, Flight, Holiday Package,
Cruise, Train Ticket, Ferry Ticket, and more.) - http://wap.lastminute.com/
29. Lufthansa Airline (Get flight arrival and departure information on Lufthansa airlines.) - http://wap.lufthansa.com
30. MGM Grand Mobile (MGM Grand Mobile offers information on Accommodations, Booking, Availability, Dining, Entertainment, Gaming and Services and more in Las Vegas.) - http://mobile.mgmgrand.com/
31. Mirage Mobile (Mirage Mobile offers information on Accommodations, Attractions, Dining, Entertainment, SPA, Salon, and Weddings and more in Las Vegas.) - http://mobile.mirage.com/
32. Mobile Motion Taxi (Mobile Motion Taxi provides taxicab services information a phone call away.) - http://wap.mobilemotion.com/wml/taxi.wml
33. New York New York Mobile (New York New York Mobile offers information on Accommodations, Dining, Entertainment, Gaming,
Services and more in Las Vegas.) - http://mobile.nynyhotelcasino.com/
34. Northwest Airlines (Northwest Airlines flight information including flight info, WorldPerks Balances, Fares and Availability, World Clubs and the ability to view and change your reservations from your phone) - http://wireless.nwa.com
35. Sabre Travel (This travel resource is great for viewing itineraries, flight info, hotels, rental cars and more.) - http://www.sabremobile.com/vt.wml
36. Scandinavian Airlines (Scandinavian Airlines offers Worldwide Timetable, Flight Status, Travel Pass, EuroBonus, Support and much more.) - http://wap.scandinavian.net/menu/default.asp
37. Singapore Airlines (Singapore Airlines offers Flight Information, Flight Alerts, KrisFlyer Services and much more.) - http://www.singaporeair.com/MobileS...apps/Dispatcher
38. Star Alliance Mobile (Star Alliance Mobile offers Airlines Timetable. Member Airlines include Air Canada, Austrian, Lufthansa, Scandinavian, Singapore, and United Airlines and more.) - http://wap.staralliance.com/
39. Sunshine Tour (Sunshine Tour - the TIC provides a full service of tournament scores, results, and order of merits, from an official database managed by the tour.) - http://www.dpnsoftware.net/saf/wap/
40. Tourisline Mobile (tourisline WAP service - helps you to look and book an accommodation in Europe.) - http://wap.tourisline.de/cgi-bin/in...=en&portal=
41. Travel - OAG Mobile (Check the Flight Schedule and Flight Status of the most major airlines.) - http://www.oag.com/OAGMobile/wap/UP/WapUPMainMenu.asp
42. Travel Translator (Travel Translator helps you translate up to 8 different languages.) - http://wap.efacec.pt/dic
43. Treasure Island Mobile (Treasure Island Mobile offers information on Accommodations, Attractions, Dining, Entertainment, SPA, Salon, and Weddings and more in Las Vegas.) - http://mobile.treasureisland.com/
44. Trip.com (Great info on flights when traveling or just checking availability. You can also set up email alerts to be sent to you when a flight is arriving or departing as a reminder.) - http://wireless.galileo.com/tripinfo_wml
45. UK Compass Travel Info (UK Compass is for people who need a reliable, portable, and comprehensive guide to the UK.) - http://ukcompass.com/
46. United Airlines (You must be a mileage plus member to use the service. Book flights, check on flight status and availability and check out your mileage plus account info including how many miles you have.) - http://ua2go.com
47. WAP Metro (WAPMetros - city guides for hotels, events, dining, and nightlife.) - http://wapmetros.com

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