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I haven't indexed the whole netflix databse, so, you may not find ALL movies here. But , will do so soon when I finish developing the whole thing as it takes a lot of time and bandwidth. Thanks for understanding!!
Search Netflix Movie Databse [Beta]
By Year:
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By Raw SQL (for the geeks):

Search between years 2000 and 2004year > 2000 AND year < 2001
Search for a specific year (1976) year = 1976
Search for all movies with name containing babe name like '%babe%'
Same as above, but only movies after 1999 name like '%babe%' AND year > 1999
Search Movie description contains the word killer description like '% killer %'
Search Movie names with alaska, description with denali and published after 2000 name like '%alaska%' AND description like '%denali%' AND year > 2000
I guess you get the idea. Combine queries to adjust to your taste!!

If you are from Netflix, and think it is a copyright/IP infringement, mail me at : samyad (__AT__) and I will take this site offline.
If you like this, please let me know through the guestbook. A pat in the back always helps :-)> !!

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Currently working on
- Crawling and Indexing more fields (Rating, Type etc).
- Making the Search interface more intuitive.
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