Among different gadgets, I own a Handspring Visor, Sony TRV19 Camcorder, Canon PowerSHot A40, Rio Nitrus MP3 player etc. Here is a quick review of them:

Nokia 6610

That's my cell phone. Got that about six months back after suffering through the crappy battery life of a LG-V11. Quite decent phone. Reception is good. Size is small. Decent features (Phone book with group ring tones, Color screen, Polyphonic ringtones, Java Games and Apps, Calendar, Alarm). The negative sides are... the screen resolution does not stand a chance against Sony T610 and it's not a full blown PDA.

Handspring Visor EDGE

I have been using this old PDA from the time long before Handspring was acquired by Palm, and the Visor series was discontinued. The device remained pretty stable surviving all the abuse it had to go through. Multimedia features are utterly non-usable [ expected for a black and white PDA ]. But if you need an organizer/reminder/alarm/board game player , with the thin and lightweight design, sufficient memory and ability to withstand abusive usage, this device is quite perfect.

Sony TRV19

This is one of the lower end of Sony Digital Camcorders. Very good picture and sound quality. Image stabilization is very good. We are still working on the video from our visit to Hawaii last summer. With a good Video Editing software, and this Camcorder, you can really make "watchable" home videos. The only negative side is that Nightshot mode is B&W and not Color. But that mode is not necessary unless you are shooting in extreme darkness.

Canon PowerShot A40

We bought it as a point-and-shoot digital camera, but it surprized us with the quality of photographs, and the pleathora of manual controls. It is slightly bulkier thant it's Elph cousins, but I like that [allows me to get a grip on it]. Photo quality is great, slightly grainier at night [which is true for almost all digital cameras]. The zoom is satisfactory for hand shooting, but falls short when put on a tripod. The stich mode [where you can shoot one photo, and the camera aligns the shot on half the screen so that the next shot can be aligned with the previous] allows to shoot as long wide angle as you want, giving out nice panoramas. The start-up time is slightly slow though.

Rio Nitrus

This was my B'day gift. It's a small small MP3 player. In fact, it's the first MP3 player using the 1" hard disk from IBM. Packing 1.5GB in 3x2 inches, it is sufficient for a week's load of MP3s. The design is pretty sleek, the sound is good. Included headphones are not very good. So, it's recommended to get a pair of good headphones.


This was my B'day gift too. It's a 900MHz wireless headphone with about 120 feet range. I use it in the office. Allows me to roam around my cube without being dragged by the wire. The headphone can be re-charged at the base-station. If the charge goes down, glitches in reception are noticed. The only flaw I noticed is, there is no button to lock down the station. The station changing wheel being next to the volume wheel, sometimes you change the station inadvertantly while changing the volume.


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